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Jack Hunter who established “Paranthropology: Journal of Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal” in July 2010 as a means to promote social-scientific approaches to paranormal beliefs, experiences and phenomena.


The Paranthropology Second Anniversary Anthology is now available to order as a hardback book:

We are living in a complicated period in relation to our understanding of ‘extraordinary’ phenomena. Naive materialist approaches are more assertive than ever, in anthropology and in the world more generally. At the same time, the taboos against admitting to the reality of the paranormal are weakening. There is a growing body of writing which takes the paranormal and extraordinary seriously, while bringing to it the same academic standards that any other subject matter would require. This is a valuable and important development, and it helps open the way to new modes of understanding in the sciences and social sciences that will not reject scientific rationality, but expand that rationality so as to include more of the world of human experience. The articles in this Paranthropology reader provide important clues and suggestions, along with rigorous argument, to help us in exploring what is likely to be a major area of anthropological engagement in coming years.

Dr. Geoffrey Samuel, Cardiff University.

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