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Paranthropology: January Issue call for papers

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I found this while looking for an image related to experience SW.  See *Note below.


 The January 2013 issue of Paranthropology will have the theme of “Thinking About Experience.” Some of the general themes for this issue will include:

* Different ways of talking about experience

* Different ways of interpreting experience

* How to write about personal and social experience meaningfully

* Experience as an aspect of consciousness

* The consequences of taking experience seriously… and so on.

The deadline for submissions to the January issue will be 15th December 2012. Please see for submission guidelines. If you have an idea for an article that you would like to discuss with the editor please get in touch via



* Note

Research in the new discipline of neurocardiology shows that the heart is a sensory organ and a sophisticated center for receiving and processing information. The nervous system within the heart (or “heart brain”) enables it to learn, remember, and make functional decisions independent of the brain’s cerebral cortex. Moreover, numerous experiments have demonstrated that the signals the heart continuously sends to the brain influence the function of higher brain centers involved in perception, cognition, and emotional processing.

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