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ALBERTO BRANDI: The Dark Way, Introduction to the Left Hand Path.

Alberto Brandi

Alberto Brandi

La Via Oscura. Introduzione al Sentiero di Mano Sinistra (ENG: “The Dark Way. Introduction to the Left Hand Path”)

La Via Oscura. Introduzione al Sentiero di Mano Sinistra (ENG: “The Dark Way. Introduction to the Left Hand Path”)
Author(s): Alberto Brandi
Publisher: Atanòr

With a Preface by Thomas Karlsson (Stockholms Universitaet). The Left Hand Path is one of the most discussed and misunderstood phenomena in the history of esoteric and spiritual thought, long since the philosophical and doctrinal disputes of 9th-century India. This is due to its association to controversial subjects as demonology, initiatory eros, the shadow and metaphisical evil. This work (in Italian), using instruments belonging to History of Religions, of Ideas and of Philosophy, has the aim of defining the dark tradition using the principles of Kabbalah and Tantrism, trying to find the common themes of this heretic way to divine. “La via oscura” is the first work in Italy and one of the first worldwide completely dedicated to the Left Hand Path. The author investigates both the philosophical and the operative methodologies of the different “dark” systems. One of the major aims of this work is understanding if the Left Hand Path is a post-modernist invention or its roots can actually be traced back in original sources and practices. The author tries provides a theory by investigating diverse traditions, such as the Qliphothic Qabalah, Vamachara Tantrism, with notes on European witchcraft.


Born in 1976, Alberto has had a deep interest into Western Esotericism for the past 15 years.

During the academic year 2001-2002 I received my M.A. in History of Renaissance Philosophy from Naples’ University “L’Orientale”, Dept. of Philosophy and Politics, with a thesis about F.A. Yates’ interpretation of Science and Magic; In February 2007 I was awarded of my Ph.D. by the same department; the subject of my thesis was Rosicrucianism, namely the philosophical and historical roots of the Manifestos. I currently cooperate with the chair of History of Philosophy and I am member of the Research Groups “Hermes Latinus”, lead by Professor Paolo Lucentini and “Centro Studi Culture del Mediterraneo”, lead by Professor Maria Donzelli.

My current studies are focused on the heretic ways to the divine, which have come to be designated with the term “Left Hand Path”. I’ve investigated its possible roots in Qabalah and, comparatively, Tantrism. I also investigate how traditional magical concepts are interpreted in today’s magical organizations.

I am currently studying European witchcraft to investigate its relationship to concepts such as initiation and spiritual evolution. I am likewise interested in the contributes of learned magic as well as popular magic to Western Esotericism.

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