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Ilan Amit

A (Not Quite) Spiritual Biography

The voyage of a spiritual seeker: Ilan Amit tells about his youth in the 1950s and life in Israel, attempting to realize ideals. Meeting Dr Erich Neumann and Moshe Feldenkreis who gave him Ouspensky¹s In Search of the Miraculous. Then into Gurdjieff Groups, meeting Dr. Conge and Mme de Salzmann and others.
Ilan Amit writes:

” It has often been said that inner growth can come about only in the wake of voluntary suffering. I became blind in middle age. In my experience it is not the suffering in itself that fosters transformation, but the collapse of our carefully constructed shields that comes with it, opening us up for the infinite. My suffering would remain. What of it? Something in me is present to the immensity we are in, with all its absurdity and wonder..”


The _Attention_Paradox

Bob Hunter

The Attention Paradox explores the nature of different degrees of attention, and its relationship to awareness, consciousness and self-development.
How can this phenomenon be defined? Is it an energy, a function, a power, a relationship?
The author draws on the thoughts and experiencesof many thinkers and writers, including G.I.Gurdjieff, founder of the system known as The Work, and students of his teachings who have continued to develop and interpret his ideas.

Eureka Editions began by republishing the Nicoll books THE NEW MAN, THE MARK and LIVING TIME and works by Beryl Pogson. Maurice Nicoll, and bob Hunter. Bob had been a student of Beryl Pogson in the 1960s Pogson was a student of Nicoll’s. Eureka are not connected formally to any Gurdjieff Foundation or Group but their publications focus on texts by Maurice Nicoll and Beryl Pogson both known as Gurdjieff influenced teachers of the Work or Fourth Way.

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