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Call for papers. *****See new additional info from Laurence Wuidar below.

Johann Hasler, a doctoral candidate at the International Centre for Music Studies aty the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK)
kindly sent me this info re a conference on

Music and esotericism: Art and science of sounds facing the occult knowledge Musique et ésotérisme L’art et la science des sons face aux savoir occultes Musica e Esoterismo: L’arte e la scienza dei suoni si incontrano con i saperi occulti

Conference, 14-18 April 2008
Academia Belgica, 8 via Omero, 00197 Rome

Call for papers (pdf)
Richiesta di relazione (pdf)
Appel à communication (pdf)

Scientifical Comity:
Brenno Boccadoro (Université de Genève) Charles Burnett (Warburg Institute, London) Walter Corten (Université Libre de Bruxelles) Paolo Gozza (Università di Bologna) David Juste (Sydney University) Steven Vanden Broecke (Katholieke Universiteit Brussel) Laurence Wuidar (F.N.R.S)

Laurence Wuidar,

1st november 2007

*****The Conference “Music and esotericism,” seeks to bring together those working on the esoteric sciences – notably magic, astrology, alchemy, demonology, divination and cabale – in their relationship to music. The Conference is an interdisciplinary event, aimed at breaking down the barriers between history, the history of art, of music, of science and of ideas. It is meant to be a multidisciplinary dialogue on musical practice, as studied in the light of specific historical and scientific contexts, in order both to deepen and to share our knowledge of the cultural background of the musical world in terms of science and belief.

Each lecture will focus on either the use of music within cultural and occult scientific traditions, or on the presence of these traditions in music. The multiple approaches will take into account all esoteric sciences and disciplines. They will be divided into two complementary parts: the first from the viewpoint of philosophers and the way their theories integrate music and the second from the viewpoint of musicians, composers and theoreticians who are either interested in or have sought to integrate their knowledge into their theories or their musical scores.

The discussion will cover the need to take into account these sciences in the European tradition for the Medieval period until the 18th Century, together with the historiography.

These epistemological issues invite historians of science and of ideas to dialogue with musicologists, in order to create together a large network of the multiple relationships which exist between music and the esoteric sciences or disciplines, in order to view afresh the interpenetration of knowledge from an interdisciplinary perspective.

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