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paulbeekmantaylor.jpgI have not yet seen this book but it promises to be a valuable addition for the Gurdjieff scholar, and for those fascinated by his ‘All and Everything’

Paul Beekman Taylor’s book THE PHILOSOPHY OF G.I.GURDJIEFF
will be available from Eureka Editions around July 10.

‘This book fills a void in studies of Gurdjieff by focusing exclusively
on his written philosophy, whereas previous books have emphasized his
oral teaching and pedagogical psychology. It is also the first reading
of the three series of Gurdjieff¹s All and Everything as an organic
whole, tracing the work¹s progressive exposition of an essential
relationship between time, word and being. As such, Gurdjieff¹s
exposition of the dynamic interplay of these concepts address major
concerns throughout the process of Western Philosophy.

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June 17, 2007 at 3:29 pm

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