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George Mountford Adie & Joseph Azize; Cambridge: Lighthouse Editions, 2007.

The book is effectively jointly authored. It was commenced in April 1986 under the direction of George Adie himself, and comprises two parts. In the first part, Joseph offers an introduction to Mr Adie and his wife Helen, and the Gurdjieff work in general. The Adies were students of both Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, and in this part, he aims, using Adie’s own words where possible, to evoke not only their time as pupils, but the experience of the Adies’ pupils in Sydney, Australia.

Part 2 comprises generous extracts from Adie’s own writings, and teachings from the Gurdjieff groups which he conducted. The book includes an introduction by Andrew Rawlinson.

For further information, please refer to the comprehensive material on the Lighthouse Editions site at

JOSEPH AZIZE worked as an attorney for twenty years, and is now a lecturer in law at the University of Technology, Sydney. In addition, he holds a Ph.D. in Ancient History from the University of Sydney. His The Phoenician Solar Theology was released in 2005 by Gorgias Press, and his jointly edited book Gilgameš and the World of Assyria, will be published by April 2007 by Peeters of Louvain. In addition, he wrote many articles for the 12 issues of the Gurdjieff journal, Stopinder, and a number of academic articles in the fields of ancient history and the law.

In addition, his articles on the Adies have long been available through the Gurdjieff International Review, and are still available on the Review’s web site. Mrs Adie’s role in the transmission of the Gurdjieff music is becoming better known through her three-CD set, Music of the Search, which is now available.

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